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Had enough of boring trainings and hotel venues?

It was the most effective training during my 10 years in P&G.

Head of Research, P&G Morocco

The whole team was super excited and everybody felt part of the strategy.

Head of Customer Service,IKEA South Eastern Europe

That was amazing! I saw things that were in front of me all the time but never realised!

Head of Marketing, Olympic Brewery (Carlsberg Group)

Behavioural Economics is definitely the future of marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal Hellas

Companies usually come to us for


If you are fascinated by how people make decisions then behavioural economics is what you are looking for. Our Classes start in Fall so book your seat now!



We are totally irrational creatures, driven by our emotions, instincts and intuition. Get your team into the exciting world of behavioural economics and start seeing things differently.



If you are lucky to be based in Athens like us, you can have your next meeting, PR event, workshop or presentation in our inspiring facilities.


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