Irrational Masterclasses

Program Overview

We often debate about the difference between perception and reality. About consumer decisions that don’t make sense. As it turns out, human behaviour is determined mostly by unconscious habit, not by choice. Yet, a typical product or brand manager keeps making decisions about product features and communication, assuming people make rational decisions.

Behavioural Marketing program is a 3-day educational workshop (split across 5 months) that will help you integrate behavioural science into how you build brands and shape customer decisions.

Behavioural economics can inform and transform the work of brand managers, researchers and marketers. Learn how to turn your brand into your customer’s habit, increase customer satisfaction – and your bottom line.

Key Benefits

Upon completion of the Behavioural Marketing program, you will have clear understanding of behavioural science along with some very practical tools, including:

  • How to use behavioural economics in your product/service and brand development
  • The Behavioural framework that will guide your actions to change human behaviour for good
  • How to bring the art of experimentation into your brand infrastructure and corporate culture
  • How to develop a successful brand strategy from scratch
  • How to lead with value – become an expert at structuring portfolios and pricing
  • How to create peak moments in your customer exprerience
  • Materials that will enable you to inspire the rest of your team
  • Certificate of completion and a unique T-shirt

Behavioural Marketing program

Brand Building

During an inspiring full-day session, you will learn the basic elements of brand building along with some tips that will make your marketing strategy a lot more easy. You will realise that trying to convince people about your product or service head-on is a waste of time and get trained on working with associations. Upon completing the session, you will have a clear idea on how to make your brand distinctive and focus on the right KPIs to ignite its growth.

21 March 2019

Choice Architecture

Throughout numerous experiments and exercises, you will become a choice architect understanding how to influence people’s decisions by shaping the context within which decisions are made.During a full-day session, you will realise how predictably irrational is our behaviour and get trained on a model to improve your portfolio management, pricing and promo strategies.

23 May 2019

Customer Experience

During a hands-on full-day training, you will understand that Customer experience is all about serving old needs in modern ways, shifting your focus from the medium (ie. Technology) and focusing on the benefit. We will learn how to see the end-to-end journey rather than touchpoints and how to hack human memory in order to create remarkable moments.

11 July 2019

Sample agenda

All courses will be in person. Here is a draft agenda of the first course:


Perception & irrationality

Can your really trust your senses?


Moving the elephant

Introduction to Behavioural Economics


Hacking human behaviour part 1

Introduction to Behavioural Change framework: Habit, Context, Social, Emotional


Hacking human behaviour part 2

Applying the Behavioural Change framework: Principles & tricks


Brand building framework

Learning the tricks that boost mental availability


Creating a successful brand strategy

Creating the correct associations, using implicit motivations and distinctive assets.

Who should apply

Behavioural Marketing program is the ideal opportunity for individuals or teams who are in a position to influence their organisation’s strategy and roadmap. This looks like:

  • Product and brand leaders
  • Research managers
  • CX managers
  • Trade marketing managers
  • Teams or individuals

We will give priority to executives, with 2+ years of work experience, who can directly impact decisions about a product, service, brand or customer exprerience.

To apply for the program you will need to send us a link to your updated Linkedin profile or a CV.

Program fees

-20% until 21 Feb

€449   €560

per person, for a single course

€1,079   €1,349

per person, for full program (3 courses)

€959   €1,199

per person, for full program (3 courses) in case of 2 or more from the same company

We encourage multiple employees from the same company or business unit to attend together because this will increase your ability to leverage and apply insights from Behavioural Marketing program and drive meaningful outcomes for your company.

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+30 210 7243001